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Customer Comments

“I can live on a good compliment two weeks with nothing else to eat.
– Mark Twain, Letter to Gertrude Natkin, March 2, 1906


Happy Thoughts

We are most grateful when customers take the time to comment positively about our work. Here are some of their kind thoughts - words we always enjoy and are honored to hear:

  • This will look so cool over his bar in his man cave!  Thank you!!
  • “It is something I see every day and love seeing.”
  • "It's just magnificent!!!"
  • "I received my two John Muir carvings today and could not be any happier!"

  • "Thanks so much for providing the hardware and the instructions but thanks most of all for this beautiful, meaningful piece of art."
  •  "This will be the big hit at our family Christmas this year."

  • "Your box makes for a lovely gift presentation."
  • “We couldn’t be more satisfied."
  • "The (Stevenson) Wine carving is exquisite"

  •  "The photograph doesn't do it justice."

  • "I am so impressed with the workmanship and the shipping/handling prep that you did too."
  •  "He will love this piece for his birthday."

  • "I really love the stain color and wood choice. The grain is so beautiful."
  • "This will be a memorable gift for his birthday."
  • “I recommend them Without Reservation!”
  • “The quality of craftsmanship, attention to historical accuracy & detail, wood selection and finish are second to none. Exceptionally well packaged.”
  • “They are passionate about their product and attentive to even the smallest detail.”
  • “Quality and professionalism of the highest standards.”
  • “We plan to purchase additional quotations in the future.”
  • “Exceptionally satisfied. The carvings were very professionally done. Beautiful packaging raised the gift giving value.”
  • “Wisdom in Wood products exceeded my expectations.”
  • “These carvings will complement any home – big or small.”
  • “Wow!”
  • “I have already recommended them to my friends.”
  • “This company does very nice work and everything you need to hang the carvings is included.”
  • “They’re very pleasant to work with.”
  • “Thank you for the beauty you created.”
  • “It’s beautiful!”
  • “I get a lot of compliments on the one hanging in my office.”
  • “The shipment arrived yesterday with the gorgeous, gorgeous sign. My goodness!”
  • "I am overwhelmed with the beauty of this piece!"
  • "A photograph does not do it justice."
  • "The depth of the carving is so amazingly rich and beautiful."
  • "The wood grain and stain are exquisite."
  • WOW! It is SO beautiful!"
  • "The wood grain is stunning."
  • "A lot of time and care went into this carving. I am so pleased!"


You Speak, We Listen

In any business, when seeking and receiving customer input, not all comments will be entirely positive. Some will fit under the category of “Constructive Criticism” and we believe those are the ones which need to receive the most attention. If someone takes the time to constructively suggest a change, then the sincerity of their thought is usually unquestionable.

And so we listen – and adapt.

Thanks to our customers, our products and processes continue to improve. Here are just a few ways we’ve listened:

  • We started with three keyhole slots for hanging purposes and, for a time, eliminated the center slot. Customer input brought back the center slot to make hanging as simple as possible. (Although we still recommend using the two side keyholes for installation over doorways.)
  • To start, the Origins story for each carving was only on our website. The printed Origins story card is now included with each new carving due to customer request. Because some customers also indicated they wanted to be able to affix the carving story to the reverse of our carvings, we sized it accordingly and printed it on heavy, acid free stock expressly for this purpose.
  • Our Plinth Base stand was inspired by a customer who wanted to display one of our carvings on their fireplace mantle top seasonally at Christmastime.

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