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Creating Carved Quotations as Heirloom Quality Wall Art

Woods & Finishes

Today, many furniture finishes, sit on top of the wood and can obscure the natural wood grain. This type of finish can offer consistency across the different pieces of wood used in the construction of a single piece of furniture. However, we chose to celebrate the inherent beauty of the wood and its grain, so we developed a finish process that does just that.

If you look at some of our product photos, the beauty and depth of the finishes and distinctive nature of the wood grain should be apparent. Of course, this also means that while the finishes will be pretty consistent, they still can vary along with the natural grain pattern of each piece.

Ultimately, these subtle variations give each of our carvings its own distinctive character – a quality our customers indicate they find highly desirable.

For us, three elements are essential to making an outstanding final product: premium solid wood, quality carving work, and a superior finish. From the delivery of rough lumber to the finished final product, all work is done under one roof - helping us to ensure the best possible results.

Presently, we work in cherry and quartersawn white oak and offer three finish options: Classic Oak (lighter), Heritage Oak (darker) and Vintage Cherry:

Classic Oak Finish
We knew what we were looking for at the outset, but it was hard to find. The target was an almost universal finish that could work well in most any setting. It also had to offer good contrast with the shadows created by the carved areas to enhance the visibility of the lettering and other design details while letting the beauty of the grain show through. The result is a finish we really like that has nice depth, a touch of sheen, and which gives the feeling that it is “of” the carving and not just “on” it. For these reasons, Classic Oak is our Recommended Finish for a majority of our carvings. (See Recommended Finishes below.)


Heritage Oak Finish
Several of the pieces we created simply called out for a darker oak finish that conveyed a greater sense of age and history (Swift – Live Every Day link) consistent with the vintage of the design elements. While most of our carvings look superb in the Heritage Oak finish, our customers should understand the darker finish does reduce the contrast between the carved areas and the surface of the piece, possibly making it more difficult to read or see details at greater distances and in lower lighting conditions.


Vintage Cherry Finish
If you would like a lighter, perhaps more contemporary look in your carving, then please consider choosing our Vintage Cherry finish. Also, many homes and workplaces utilize cherry or cherry-like trim and finishes, so it can fit in comfortably most anywhere.
Cherry wood can take our finish with a bit more variability than other woods, so please view our sample Vintage Cherry finish product photos carefully before ordering and know that each of our cherry carvings will have its own distinctive features, graining and character.


Recommended Finishes

When viewing our carvings in person, customers often ask about our favorite finishes on various pieces. In trying to create the best possible shopping experience for our online customers, we thought it would be nice to share this same input with them as well. Of course, the thoughts we offer are relative to the carving alone and cannot account for other personal or interior design factors which may also be in play and are unknown to us.


Display Options

Wisdom in Wood brand carvings were designed with multiple installation options. A custom installation kit is included with each carving for wall mounting and an optional Plinth Base is available for tabletop, mantle, shelf or credenza display:

Custom Installation Kit
A distinctive feature of our carvings is the ability to install them over a doorway. This is an often unused display location and a great place for our carvings to be viewed when entering or exiting a room. Three hanging slots are cut into the back: one center top and one to each side. While the center slot alone can be used for general wall installation, we strongly recommend that the side hanging slots be used for over-the door installations. The included custom installation kit should help to make this a simple process. (Download Installation Instructions)


Optional Plinth Base
This is simply the very best base and stand for your Wisdom in Wood brand carving and was designed expressly to show off your carving to greatest advantage. Please note that shipping for the Plinth Base is free with each accompanying carving purchase.


Viewing Distance

In early planning and development of our carving designs, we wanted to provide for the readability of the inscription from across a “typical” 12’ to 14’ room. As a general rule, we started working with the understanding that each 1” of letter height would translate to about 10’ of viewing distance. Of course, this can vary based on the lighting conditions and wood finish. In practice though, we have found the viewing distance can be much more than we originally thought.

For example, at one installation site, I was easily able to read the 1 1/2” high lettering of our Cicero – Fireside Carving at a measured distance of 30’. Of course, the viewing distance of carvings with smaller lettering will be less, but they should still be quite visible from good distances.

 Showing Scale with 12" Ruler, Optional Plinth Base



Apart from a routine dusting and the occasional sparing use of a quality furniture polish, your Wisdom In Wood carving should require minimal care to last for generations.

Extremes of sunlight, humidity and temperature are best avoided. When wall-mounted, ensure that bumpers are always present on all four corners. This improves air circulation around the piece, allowing it to better adjust to seasonal changes. While your carving can be mounted indoors on most any wall - interior or exterior - as with any artwork, an interior wall is especially ideal, helping it to avoid seasonal extremes of heat, cold and humidity.



Wisdom in Wood brand carvings make great gifts, recognitions, awards and presentations for those important milestones in both business and personal life. We have created a Shop By Gift option to help you find the perfect item for your recipient.

Please note that our carvings can generally accept a personalized brass plate placed in various locations within the design or border. Our Plinth Base was designed with this in mind as well. Maximum plate size for the Plinth Base is 3/4” x 19” (the width of the base).

However, we suggest you make up your plate only after receiving your carving and/or Plinth Base so you can work with your engraver to ensure a good fit and installation. (Sorry, but we do not offer brass plates or engraving services and believe this is best handled locally to meet the specific needs of our customers.)


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