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Plinth Base



This simply is the very best base and stand for your Wisdom in Wood Brand carving. Designed expressly to show off your carving to best advantage on your mantle, shelf or credenza. If you are fortunate enough to own several of our carvings, this makes it easy to move them around or to display them seasonally - a great option for some of our holiday-related carvings.

The design may look simple, but then that is the mark of good design. To determine proper proportions, we used the Golden Ratio to set the length of the base - and we believe you'll be as pleased as we are with the result. A time-honored design guideline, the Golden Ratio has been traced back to Plato's time (and possibly earlier) and, of course, remains in use to this day.

For those choosing to use our carvings as presentation pieces, the Plinth Base offers additional locations for placement of a personalized commemorative brass plate either on the top or front, depending on the display viewing height (e.g., top-mount for credenza display, front-mount for mantle display). Maximum plate size for top or front mounting on the plinth base is 3/4” x 19” (the width of the base). We strongly suggest you make up your plate only after receiving your carving and Plinth Base so you can work with your engraver to ensure a good fit and installation. (Note: Brass plate not provided.)

Our Ebonized Oak finish is very nearly black, but retains some darker chocolate tones and lets the grain of the white oak show through. The hidden-from-view wire backstop (sourced from an American maker) offers a range of adjustment  to help optimize the viewing angle for your specific location and is vinyl coated to help protect the furniture. Felt protective pads arrive attached to the oak, so everything is fully-assembled and ready to go as soon as your Plinth Base arrives. For instant display and gratification of your Wisdom In Wood brand carving, it is absolutely the right choice.

Shipping for the Plinth Base is free with each accompanying carving purchase.

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