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Cicero- Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumus (Not for Ourselves Alone are We Born) Carving


Cicero - Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumus

Translated from English, Non Nobis Solum Nati Sumus means "not for ourselves alone are we born." It is from Marcus Tullius Cicero's De Officiis of 44 B.C.

The full line is: Non nobis solum nati sumus ortusque nostri partem patria vindicat, partem amici - which translates to "Not for us alone are we born; our country, our friends, have a share in us."

This great thought speaks to everyone in service to something greater than themselves and is also the motto of a number of schools and universities.

Please note that we also offer a shorter version of this thought (Non Nobis Solum - Not for Ourselves Alone) which may be preferred by some.

 (Note: This carving is now available. However, photos of it in our various finish options are not. Please refer to finish options shown in some of our other products for reference in the meantime.)

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