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Lincoln - Resolute Determination Carving


Origins: Lincoln – Resolute Determination Carving

This thought is from a letter of encouragement Lincoln penned in 1860 to George Latham, a friend of Lincoln’s son Robert. In the letter, Lincoln alludes to the struggles and discouragement he himself has experienced and that the mindset expressed in this great thought is his way of persevering.

The lettering is of a Victorian Era blackletter form (also called Old English) used in Lincoln’s time. Simplified from earlier, more difficult to read medieval blackletter forms, the Victorians appreciated this letter style, believing it harkened back to a simpler time of great integrity and personal values. For this reason, letterforms of this type were used on the mastheads of newspapers as an indication of their journalistic integrity. Associating it with Abraham Lincoln was an easy decision!

  • Product Dimensions: 6" X 32" X 3/4"
  • Charitable Category: A portion of the proceeds benefits Educational programs.
  • Of Note: Copyright 2015 GTI, LLC, All Rights Reserved. Made in USA.
Available SKUs:
Classic Oak: GTI-AL043-6-OC
Heritage Oak: GTI-AL043-6-OH

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