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Second Amendment Carving



Full Inscription: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. - United States Constitution

Origins: Early on, this was one of the most frequently requested carvings for us to create, but it has been interesting to see how many people weren’t really sure how it actually reads. However, it is probably safe to say this short statement may be one of the most examined of our time —at least from a legal perspective. It was adopted in 1791 as the second of the ten amendments to the United States Constitution which make up the Bill of Rights.

Interestingly, there were slightly differing versions which were ratified. Although the words are the same in each, our version, as passed by Congress and maintained in the National Archives, contained capitalized letters for the words “Milita” , “State” and “Arms.” In the version passed by the states and authenticated by then Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, these words are not capitalized.

Our mission in creating this carving is primarily educational. After all, it is the law of the land and an integral part of one of our most cherished and important documents, The United States Constitution. Further interpretations we will leave to others —but this statement is almost always the starting point of discussions regarding the right to keep and bear arms.

Our carving utilizes the same William Caslon letter style which was used for the first printing of the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence (the original 200 copies of “The Dunlop Broadside” , one of which George Washington used to read the Declaration to his troops). It seemed the only truly fitting letterform to use for our Second Amendment Carving.

Ironically, William Caslon was “Letter Founder to his Majesty” King George III, and his typefaces were the most readily available to colonial printers of the time. Of course the thirteen 5-pointed stars are in recognition of the original thirteen colonies who fought so hard for America to become “We the People” and an independent nation.

Source: Second Amendment, United States Constitution

Recommended Finish: Our lighter toned Classic Oak finish works with many interiors and finishes and helps to create greater contrast to show off the many carving details of this piece to best advantage as well as helping to improve readability at greater distance.

Product Dimensions:  8" X 32" X 3/4"

Includes: Custom installation kit for wall display, installation instructions, Origins Story Card. (Plinth Base not included, but available separately.)

Charitable Category: A portion of the proceeds from each sale will be dedicated to Veteran's Programs.

Product SKUs:
Classic Oak, GTI-QU012-8-OC
Heritage Oak, GTI-QU012-8-OH

Product Copyright 2013 GTI, LLC, All Rights Reserved. Made in USA. Stock Photo Shown.

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