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Semper Fidelis Carving



Full Inscription: Semper Fidelis

Origins: While often used today in its shortened form, Semper Fi, the full Latin phrase “semper fidelis,” or “always faithful,” is perhaps most famous as the motto of the Unites States Marines Corps since 1883, but its origins have been traced as far back as the 1300’s as the motto of certain European towns and families. However, we definitely created our carving with the Marines in mind.

Finding the correct letterform for our purpose was particularly consuming as we reviewed literally thousands of possibilities to find “the one” that conveyed the proper “military demeanor” we felt a Marine would appreciate. The two stars are inspired by current uniform buttons which, in 1804, originally contained a design with an eagle, a fouled anchor and thirteen six-pointed stars (which were later changed to the five-pointed style we have carved).

We are proud of the results of this effort and those who have seen it have wholeheartedly agreed!

Source: Original Source Unknown, but dating back to the 1300's

Recommended Finish: The large carved letters look great on our Heritage oak finish and imparts a nice vintage look to the piece.  In addition, the nautically inclined will appreciate that white oak was an important shipbuilding material of the original six frigates commissioned by the United States Navy through the Naval Act of 1794 and its resistance to cannon fire the reason the crew of the USS Constitution so fondly called her "Old Ironsides."

Product Dimensions:  6" X 32" X 3/4"

Includes: Custom installation kit for wall display, installation instructions, Origins Story Card. (Plinth Base not included, but available separately.)

Charitable Category: A portion of the proceeds from this piece benefits Veteran's Programs.

Product SKUs:
Classic Oak, GTI-QU038-6-OC
Heritage Oak, GTI-QU038-6-OH

Product Copyright 2014 GTI, LLC, All Rights Reserved. Made in USA. Stock Photo Shown.

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