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E Pluribus Unum Carving


Full Inscription: E Pluribus Unum

The original motto of the United States of America beautifully carved as wall art. 

 The original motto of the United States of America, it means "Out of many, one." This simple (coincidentally) 13- letter motto embodied the efforts of the nation's founders to bring the people of original 13 colonies together to form a single nation dedicated to the principles of the United States Constitution.

We used a typeface favored by Benjamin Franklin and paired it with a traditional 13-star design used throughout history to depict the people of the original 13 founding colonies, who came together to form the United States.


 (Note: This carving is now available for order. However, photos of it in our various finish options are not. Please refer to finish options shown in some of our other products for reference in the meantime.)


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